Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Operator Is Standing By!

Call Now! Operator is here twenty-four-seven, waiting to talk to you! Space Catz running wild? He'll patch you through for interstellar catnip!* A bad case of the Melts? He'll help order a new sword!** Portal collapsing? He'll connect you to temporal control for a new modulator and get them to throw in a free Plutonium Slug-Tree!*** Offer expires while you wait! He lives to help, so help him live and give him a call! Lines are always open!

*Requires pre-approval, not available in all realities. Taxes and fees remain a mystery.
**Except where prohibited. Offer not valid in the outer nebulas. Must live within a 10 parsec delivery area.
***Use only as directed. Sentience not guaranteed, we're only guessing what this thing is.

Acrylic paint and pen on canvas board

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