Friday, October 30, 2015

Scorching The Unicorn

Scorching the Unicorn
She was a mythical digital creature to be tracked and hunted. Analog traps for an electric beast. We could see ourselves in this system, and her downlink made the our avatars shimmer with watery glints of data. The blood would be a never ending flow of future secrets. She trusted us, but we would burn her network. There was no hesitation in our sin because we believed as Coriolanus; that "Action is Eloquence".

Ballpoint pen on 8.5x11

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3 Plane Drawings and a Dream

Some drawings from an 8+ hour flight back from Spain.
-Owl Key
-The Museums
-Tiger Toilet

And sketch for a dream I had where I was floating around the ceiling of a cathedral, scared of the heights, upset that I was bumping against priceless frescos, and worried that the locals wouldn't like the fact that an astronaut had the keys they needed for their service.

Operator Is Standing By!

Call Now! Operator is here twenty-four-seven, waiting to talk to you! Space Catz running wild? He'll patch you through for interstellar catnip!* A bad case of the Melts? He'll help order a new sword!** Portal collapsing? He'll connect you to temporal control for a new modulator and get them to throw in a free Plutonium Slug-Tree!*** Offer expires while you wait! He lives to help, so help him live and give him a call! Lines are always open!

*Requires pre-approval, not available in all realities. Taxes and fees remain a mystery.
**Except where prohibited. Offer not valid in the outer nebulas. Must live within a 10 parsec delivery area.
***Use only as directed. Sentience not guaranteed, we're only guessing what this thing is.

Acrylic paint and pen on canvas board