Saturday, July 12, 2014

Predicted History of the Prophecy Wars 3

Predicted History of the Prophecy Wars #3

Chronigma Generator engaged at 65%.

They will suffer in silence long after the bomb has gone off.
(All sides reporting considerable losses.)
Down in history as one of the worst, if there was going to be any history left.
Space holds while time "unravels" conjugated in all 500 tenses of the Galactic tongue.
(Not bad for someone with only a Robotany Degree.)
They know they can count on the Valkyrie to succeed,
even when their task is to fail.
(We will always know where, but never know when.)
Inertia system compensating for waves of Oracle hate,
beams of Prophecy fear, and blasts of Precog panic.
Even the SpaceCatz don't see a way out unscathed.

Pen and ink on paper

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