Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Slaves Show and Sale 2013

I got the fun job of creating this year's poster for the Art Slaves Show and Sale; an annual art show showcasing the art of design professionals and other artists. It's a daunting task to explore the creative universe, searching for inspiration amid all the distractions and dangers that lay in wait. Only the most intrepid souls dare to travel in these realms.

Watercolor, pen and ink, digital

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Evening With the Science Diver

An Evening With the Science Diver
A light dinner with Professor octopus and then it's time to put on his comfortable knitted space suit. It feels good to slip off heavy tanks and the snake tangle of hoses. The recent up-tick in number station activity has him all on edge. Tinny music. Jaunty tunes. Numbers in alien tongues. Jaunty tunes. Tinny Music. Unlock the delicious roar of knowledge. His chronolepsy has gotten worse since he found the Chaosium and he suddenly finds himself having dinner all over again.
May Chaos Preserve Us.

Pen on Paper


Done for the swell guys of Seas and Centuries
Inspired by songs off their new album "Macros"

pen on paper

8.5 x 11