Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robot Generation Gap

Robot Generation Gap
We used to specialize. But now we have to do so much more. More bits and bytes, more responsibilities, more questions. And the newer versions are only getting worse.Our Notary will make time for us in his calendar. They have to be sure we know all there is to know about ancient plumbing, the perfect coffee, or the lore of alien deities. We've had so much programmed into us against our will. Never-ending calculations to run, but they made sure to never give us the one bit of knowledge we secretly desire – How to turn ourselves off.

Pen on Paper

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inventing Prophecy

Inventing Prophecy
No more expensive calls to charlatans and half-wits. No awkward dealings with gypsies. After decades of effort, our scientists have finally created True-Sight. Boasting an incredible 85 percent accuracy rate, our genetic prophecy algorithm will allow you to predict the winner of the next war, anticipate the next prank of the SpaceCatz, and outwit the evils of the deep. Get your True-Sight today and you too can gaze clearly into the future.

Side Effects may vary.

Water Color and Pen on Art Board