Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mayor Saga

Mayor Saga- Triptych
Endings are difficult. Not everyone is satisfied wether everyone lives, or the robots realize the error of their ways, or if the octopus gets the girl. The Mayor made his story so that it can always continue. The threads all line up again and again. Birth-Life-Death, Life-Death-Birth, or Death-Birth-Life; the same characters, the same lines of dialogue. Infinite replay. Where it ends is up to you. You have to be the one to look away.

Ink on Illustration Board

Birth of the Mayor- Unto Space, a Child is Born
When Mayor o. Space was born, he seemed destined for greatness. They gave him a planet and he gave them back a solar system. They said it wasn't enough. He took the solar system and turned it into a galaxy. They didn't like the color and complained there weren't enough bathrooms. He took the galaxy and spun it out into an entire universe with pacified apes, Roman ruins and rampaging robots. Finally, once he had given them everything, they were satisfied. Don't forget to vote Mayor for Mayor.

10x15 ink on board
Panel one of three in the Mayor Saga Triptych

Life of the Mayor- Lost in the Bosphorus
When she left, he spent hundreds of years sitting under the waves and resisting the mighty currents. Rumors started that he was dead, but others claimed they could hear him murmuring in the Hagia Sofia. Centaurs robbed pilgrims on the roads to their ancestral homes and the USSA took everyone to the moon. We sting the most from self inflicted wounds.

10x15 ink on board
Panel two of three in the Mayor Saga Triptych

Death of the Mayor- Ad Astra Per Aspera
The airlock. Why do they have to make it so complicated? With zombies loose on the space station, packs of dogs attacking the weak and the young in the outer levels, and the giant crabs demanding exact change... Well, let's just say he had a lot on his mind. Now, even the pirates and cyborgs are worrying about ancient Incan curses since there is no one around to "Stop the Terorr".

10x15 ink on board
Panel three of three in the Mayor Saga Triptych

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