Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mars Saga

Mars, Phobos and Deimos as seen through a telescope from the roof of an abandoned 7-11 on a thursday night, 76 degrees with a slight wind drifting out of the south.

Ink on 3 Canvas
$300 (Mars Only *Now with color 1-20-15)

Late in 2084, psychologists made a last ditch effort to prove their usefulness. They taught us to do everything on instinct alone. But we settled for the lowest emotional denominators. It easy and trendy to act as the Plazma Bear; raise hackles, extend claws, bare teeth or turn and run at the instant of provocation. The Queen of Fear described it as, “A huge success”.

Ink on canvas, 5x7
In the Collection of MM

The clouds gathered and rabbits rubbed together. Their throats quivered and tightened and they dug deeper into their burrows. The Queen of Dread slumped numbly and her bones murmured useless prayers all the while knowing she had been abandoned. We drove angrily, our pins pulled, and we waited to explode.

Ink on canvas, 5x7
In the Collection of MM


Space Catz play among the discarded weapons and empty trenches. Not counting a brief run-in with the Mustache Collector, she hasn’t seen the enemy in weeks. Her arsenal remains silent and mantids buzz her foxhole and tell her the war is over. Her agent had promised her that this job would be her big break into show-biz.

Ink on canvas, 16x12

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